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A community dedicated to Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed. (Femslash friendly!)
.Welcome to kstew_nreed

This is a community dedicated to Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed, for fans of their "friendship". We welcome fans of Kristen and Nikki, as well as fans of the two of them in an unofficial romantic relationship. Therefore this community is open minded and supports graphics, fanart and fanfiction depicting the two as a couple. If you are uncomfortable with such themes, this may not be a community for you.

.The Community Rules:

- Homophobia will not be tolerated as this is a bi/gay/lesbian/queer friendly community. If images or discussion of Kristen and Nikki makes you uncomfortable, please do not attempt to join.

- Respect other community members. Even if they hold an opinion that you do not agree with, please do not bully or disrespect anyone. If you wish to hold a discussion, do so without causing any problems.

- This comm will accept any form of fanart, graphics, pictures, fanfiction, rumors, gossip, anything. The community is often slow when the two aren't in the media so keeping it active as best we can is our priority.

- Please post anything that is large behind a cut. An LJ-Cut is simply typing <*lj-cut>YOUR ENTRY HERE<*/lj-cut> in your post, just remember to remove the ** from the code. If you need any help with HTML for your posts, just check the LJ FAQ or ask a mod or fellow comm member for help.

- Anything NSFW (Not Safe For Work) MUST be behind an lj-cut. Any and all ratings will be accepted here but sometimes it's nice to have it hidden just in case you have someone looking over your shoulder.

- Please try to give your entry a rating if you are submitting fanfiction. This is just so people know what they'll be getting themselves into. :)

This is simply a post for anyone who would like to submit a question, a request to affiliate or perhaps even a suggestion or complaint. If you are uncomfortable approaching a mod directly, leaving a comment to this post may be more your style. The link is HERE and can also be found on the profile page and the community's header.

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If you would like to be listed, drop a line at the 'page-a-mod'.


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